[Update] Sony registers Sony All-Stars Battle Royale domain name
By wolfblake posted 4 years ago

Rumors about a Smash Bros style fighting game staring Sony exclusive characters have been spreading since last November and it seems that those rumors may finally be proven true.

Since Sony has filed a domain name for Sony All-Stars Battle Royale, which is rumored to be under development at SuperBot Entertainment.

If the domain is legit, this might be the big Sony exclusive that's set to show off its world premiere trailer on Game Trailers TV this coming Thursday.

However, since we have yet to hear official word from Sony about this game being confirmed, we'll just keep it as a rumor for now.

UPDATE: this game has been confirmed. Some of the confirmed characters are Kratos, Parappa the Rappa, Sly Cooper, Colonel Radec, Sweet Tooth, and Fat Princess.