3DS sold 4.5M in first year in US
By wolfblake posted 4 years ago

Nintendo announced that the 3DS has sold 4.5 million units in the United States in its first year, nearly doubling the first year for the DS, which had 2.3 million units sold.

Another comparison Nintendo noted was the total number of softwaretitles released in the first 12 months. The DS had 58 while the 3DS has more than 100. As for software sales, the DS sold 5 million games, but the 3DS sold more than 9 million games.

Lastly, Nintendo said total sales (hardware, software, and accessories) in the first 12 months for the DS was $540 million and the 3DS came in at $1.2 billion.

Posted March 19, 2012 At 10:16 pm GMT
Sold more once they lowered the price, lol.
Posted March 19, 2012 At 5:24 pm MDT
Yeah, people don't have money to throw around. People are saveing their money.
Posted March 21, 2012 At 4:55 pm EDT
It's also hard to justify another hand-held console when there is only one game you are remotely interested in for it (that will be Zelda in my case). My daughter has one, however (her dsi died just before christmas) and I'm not all that impressed. I won't be replacing my DS with a 3DS, that's for sure.