Dark Souls Petition for PC gets 50k supporters
By FriedZombie posted 5 years ago

Most people find petitions to be borderline laughable in the gaming community with so many failing left and right, and few actually hold merit like Operation Rainfall (http://oprainfall.blogspot.com/) the fervent community that finally got Xenoblade Chronicles to release in less than 3 months to the Wii when it has been released in Europe/Japan for over 6 months.

Now it looks like we might have another with 50k supporter strong petition for the PC port of the masochistic Demon/Dark Souls to the PC. Over 3k new users have signed up on the Namco/Bandai forums just to let their voice be heard (Disclaimer: I am apart of the 50k supporters) As of release of this article, the count for the petition has increased from 10 to 52k in less than 96 hours.

If you want to sign your name to the petition click here:

Here is the Steam fan group: