Nintendo64 15th anniversary
By Riley posted 5 years ago

This past Thursday, Nintendo celebrated the 15th anniversary of the well known and beloved Nintendo64.

 The console was released on September 29, 1996 in America, and just earlier that year in Japan. 
This was the third console by the even-then colossal gaming giant, but soon after the release, Nintendo lost its gaming lead to that of also large competitor Sony and the Playstation. 
On the note of Playstation, it was at this time that Sony started using discs for games, opposed to the then-common game cartridge, which Nintendo still implemented.

 Possibly the thing most loved about the Nintendo 64 were the games. With titles such as "Donkey Kong 64" "Ocarina of Time" "Majora's Mask" and "Super Mario 64" the 64 was a class above the rut, and without a doubt revolutionized the gaming industry, as well as formed many of our younger days.
Posted October 1, 2011 At 12:55 am MDT
Man, I miss the good old days :( The N64 was a classic in my eyes, and changed gaming to what we know today.
Posted October 1, 2011 At 5:51 pm EDT
I know! I still have mine though, and every once in a while it's good to hit up Ocarina of time or something.