PlayStation Vita usable as PS3 controller
By wolfblake posted 5 years ago

According to Sony, developers will also be able to incorporate PS Vita compatibility in their PlayStation 3 games, either with direct controls or cross-platform play.

Sony Europe R&D manager Phil Rogers speculated at the Develop Conference last month that compatibility was possible, and he suggested that Sony would allow cross-talk functions between the two systems. Rogers also demonstrated cross-platform play with the PS Vita and PS3 installments of Wipeout and Hustle Kings.

"PS3 can send data down to Vita and Vita can display it," "You could use the unique features [of Vita]--gyroscope, touch front and back--as a control device for a PS3 game. You can run software on both devices and use the network to sync the game states. And that's good because you then have the processing power of PS3 doing that work, Vita [doing] fancy graphics...however you want to do it. You're not sacrificing the PS3's CPU to be able to have a rich experience on Vita." 

The PS Vita is set to be released early 2012.