Minecraft free with Humble Indie Bundle 3
By Riley posted 5 years ago

Although many of you who stay up to date on indie games already know-  The third "Humble Indie Bundle" has arrived. 

Making this even more of a great economical buy, if you purchase the bundle from now on, you will get a pass to play the very popular Minecraft Beta for free until August 14th. Nifty right? 

For the people who have yet to try Minecraft, or are even reluctant to, I still suggest you do Indie game developers a favor and donate to the Child's Play Charity by picking up the bundle o' games. 

Everything included is DRM-free and you can pay whatever you want. So, in the long run, there is very little reason to not at least check this out.

Posted July 30, 2011 At 5:58 am MDT
Too bad I already own the game lol