Valve Could Start Making Facebook Games?
By Herson Hernandez posted 5 years ago

President and co-founder of Valve Gabe Newell has been paying close attention to both mobile and social gaming. With an interview he had with Develop Magazine he stated "a lot to draw on, and that the company is looking to both spaces as pieces of a bigger puzzle." This could mean that both social and mobile gaming could be a big addition to their company.

He also said that he has been looking at how big of an audience Zanga has with their popularity on their Facebook games and he is trying to figure out how they can have a success like that. He also went ahead and said that Valve has some catching up to do in the space of mobile and social gaming.

"We honestly felt, with Steam, we were actually really late in
responding to the way our customers were using the internet. Now that I
look at mobile and social, I think we're late again." Is another statement by him and it's good to have high expectations and such care for their gaming community, this is something that could boost them up in the long run.

But Valve is not the only big dog out there looking to take the "space" of social of mobile gaming Insomniac Games also announced that they were going to be taking the space and start making Facebook games, Bioware and EA are already on step ahead of them both.

We hope to be able to see some quit exciting mobile and social games to come in the future. Let's wait and see what surprises it will hold.
Posted May 17, 2011 At 11:03 pm MDT
That would be awesome! :P I bet the best game on facebook cause farmville and stuff...suck