PlayStation Network Returns Today!
By Herson Hernandez posted 5 years ago

The title is correct ladies and gentlemen! After the long wait the PlayStation Network is finally coming back up to working condition! Today May 14, 2011 they released an official video announcing the PSN Relaunch. According to their press release the following services the PSN users can expect to have back up a running are as follow :

  • PSN and Qriocity sign-in and password reset.
  • Online gaming for PS3 and PSP systems.
  • Playback of videos from the PSN Video Delivery Service on PS3, PSP, and MediaGo.
  • Music Unlimited by Qriocity for subscribers on PC and PS3.
  • Access to Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and
  • The "Friends" selection on the PS3 including Friends List, Chat Options, Trophy Comparing, etc.
  • PlayStation Home.
The restoration will not be all at once for all countries. The restoration is based on a country to country schedule beginning in the Americas, then stretching out to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and then the Middle East.

There are currently no specific times set for when users can expect the PSN to be back in their country. You can watch the progress of this country by country restoration on PlayStation Blog's Map.

A new firmware update is out while we wait for the PSN to be back up, the firmware 3.61 will require users to change their passwords once the PSN is up and running again. They stated that your PSN password may only be changed on your PS3 or a PS3 that your account was activated on. If the case is that you're using a PS3 in which your account was NOT activated on an e-mail will be send with directions and a link to change your password.

With the return of these services Sony stated that they have improved their security. Sony expects to their services fully restored, secured and up and running by the end of May 2011. As we can see this is a lesson learned for Sony, by them beefing up their security we can only hope that this will not happen again.