[RUMOR] Valve considering Android as next frontier
By Micky Koeppe posted 5 years ago

Rumor has it that Valve is interested in Android (and iOS) as a possible expansion to the Steam service. Steam has had great success on the PC, topping 30 million active users as of March 2011, but will they be able to match that success in the mobile gaming spectrum?

Mobile gaming has seen a recent rise, with GameSpy and major PC/Console publishers headed that way, mostly using Android. So the idea that Valve wanting to expand onto Android with Steam isn't that crazy. Co-Founder of Valve Gabe Newell did mention that this could be a possibility to someone who had a trip to Valve HQ

Steam has always had solid quality of games available, and we hope that the possible expansion to Android will be just as of much quality. As this is still just a rumor, stay tuned for more details and updates.
Posted March 22, 2011 At 7:09 pm EDT
truth but Valve isnt the only one. I got a big feeling Activion Blizzard and some other big hitters are going to get into the market. Smart Phones are a cheap and monumental platform to produce games for
Posted March 22, 2011 At 6:19 pm MDT
Yeah, I don't mind gaming going on android, I'd prefer it there than Iphone.
Posted March 28, 2011 At 10:28 am EDT
I agree with Toby I would prefer gaming on an Android than an iPhone.