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November 11, 2011
PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Bethesda game studios
Bethesda softworks
Role-Playing, Sandbox
M - Mature

Listed Details for The Elder Scrolls V
By ThePauseMenu posted 5 years ago

- No level cap- Choose all perks with one character
- Technically speaking, Skyrim is an evolution within The Elder Scrolls, not a revolution
- Different properties for all weapons, take advantage of them by choosing the right perks
- Maces ignore a percentage of armor
- Axes have bleed damage over time
- Quickly revisit locations you have previously visited
- Game is as big as Oblivion
- 5 big cities
- Over 130 dungeons
- “Low-Fantasy” (game does not look as vibrant, vivid as Morrowind, more like Oblivion)
- The overarching narrative of the Dragons is less prominent than the Oblivion Gates were in Oblivion, which does not give you the feeling that you are doing ‘useless’ quests when you lay aside the Main Quest.
- Dragons aren’t rare
- Dungeons will be locked at their level once you have been there
- In a dungeon, it will remain lvl 5 when you entered it on lvl 5
- Dungeons don’t change difficulties throughout a game save after you’ve entered one
- Read in-game books in 3D
- 3D-preview in the Flash-based inventory for all items
- Twist, turn, rotate the items
- Will sometimes need to figure out puzzles by analyzing 3D previews
- Armor, weapons, small rings and herbs can be explored in great deal and viewed in 3D
- All items can be previewed in the inventory screen
- The Dark Brotherhood is back
- More traps and puzzles
- Around 20 hours for the main story
- Hundreds of additional hours for more quests
- Get stronger as you kill dragons
- A piece of a dragon’s soul will be transferred to yours
- Special animations for sneak kills with daggers
- Team is looking at how they can improve facial expressions and animations
- No Kinect support

“We are working at pop-up issues, and we want to make sure that the graphics of the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 are alike. All three will look just as good, aside from the higher resolution and the anti-aliasing of the PC of course.” -- Todd Howard

“It is not yet possible to combine forms of magic. It is difficult. Frost magic makes an enemy move slower, and fire does damage over time, and the fire remains on the ground for additional damage. If we would allow the player to use fire magic in one hand, and frost magic in the other, it becomes much more complex. Maybe we will implement this though, but for the time being, ‘No’.” – Todd Howard

“Someone modded Oblivion by changing the physics of shooting an arrow. It made you shoot slower and you almost had to remain stationary to shoot, which increased the arrow’s impact. We liked this mod so much, that we implemented it in Skyrim by default.” – Todd Howard
Posted January 25, 2011 At 7:48 pm MST
I am glad they wont be supporting Kinect. I cant even thing of how they could use it good. And I am loving all the other features. I hope this will be better then the 1st! I loved the first so I wanna love the 2nd more :P