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The Crew DLC Pass
By wolfblake posted 5 years ago

Ubisoft recently announced that The Crew will be getting a DLC pass. For $25, you will get four car packs, early access to that content, and two bonus cars. Season pass owners will be able to get this starting December 2.

Here is what is included in those four car packs. Note that Ubisoft did not reveal the exact makes and models for cars included with the DLC pass.

Extreme Car Pack

  • Performance vehicles to help you stay ahead of the pack in thrilling, high-octane missions. Available January 2015.

Speed Car Pack

  • These sports cars are finely tuned for racing at breakneck speeds. Available February 2015

Vintage Car Pack

  • Visiting an iconic American locale? You'll want to be seen in these equally iconic rides. Available March 2015.

Raid Car Pack

  • When heading off the beaten path, you can't do better than these all-terrain vehicles. Available April 2015.

Other Perks

  • Season Pass owners will also receive 23 additional tuning kits, official paintjobs and rims for each car, as well as an "exclusive" sticker with each pack.

By themselves, these packs will cost $7 each, so in the end you will save a little money if you buy the season pass instead of all of the packs separately.

Ubisoft also said that there will be a digital-only "Gold Edition" version of The Crew for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This will come with the main game and the DLC pass for $85.

As for those who may not want to spend that money, along with the releases of each expansion pack, Ubisoft will launch new missions "that fit with the pack's theme" for free for all players.