Valve Promising 3 Surprises?
By Xenos360 posted 2016 years ago

During the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo Valve surprised us with a surprise! Valve is promising 3 MORE surprises! (Like we got enough surprises!) In the next 12 months, we will see these surprises.

"We have three pretty big surprises in the next 12 months at least,"
"I can guarantee you people are going to be surprised at stuff we do. That isn't going to stop anytime soon. I'm just laughing because, people will be shocked again."

We are hoping that one of the surprises will involve Half Life 2: Episode 3. We are anticipating this game as much as everyone else.

We will keep you guys updated on these "surprises" as they come.
Posted September 1, 2010 At 11:14 pm EDT
never got into halflife but looks fun
Posted September 1, 2010 At 9:33 pm MDT
WHAT!! :O You need to, Half Life is the best game ever! :P
Posted September 2, 2010 At 11:01 pm CDT
What he said ^