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Battlefield 3
Release: Oct 25, 2011

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PC Gaming Isn't Dead, DICE Says
By: swimfan4356 (March 6, 2011 At 2:28 am EST)
While revealing Battlefield 3 at GDC, Dice has rushed to the defense of PC gamers, saying that the "death of PC gaming" is "bullshit."

"Two years ago, maybe one year ago, people talked about 'the decline of PC gaming.' Or 'the death of PC gaming.' These kinds of words were thrown around and, honestly, that's bullshit," said DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson on behalf of DICE.

"PC gamers are probably the most hardcore players we have out there. Sure, online gameplay has been on the rise on the Xbox 360 and PS3. There are a lot of hardcore online players there, too. But on PC? That's our core audience."

Troedsson expressed DICE was "very unhappy" they couldn't manage the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company, saying resources were pushed to the max with Frostbite and consoles.

"I felt that we had, maybe, set PC aside a bit too much. I've said this publicly before, we were very unhappy that we were not able to get a PC version out of Battlefield: Bad Company. It was down to sheer manpower, or lack thereof," said Troedsson. "We felt that we couldn't just bring out the Frostbite engine, and bring the game to consoles, and get the PC version out. We just failed there."

"It's something that we regret but it was a pure fact that we were faced upon. We fixed that with Bad Company 2. Now, it's Battlefield 3 and we thought, 'Now it's time to give some extra love to the PC community.' But also, we strongly believe in PC gaming."

Battlefield 3 hits shelves on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this fall. Here is a gameplay trailer from GDC.

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Xenos360 Watermark image
Posted March 6, 2011 At 12:30 am MST
PC gaming will never die >: D

Posted March 26, 2011 At 12:58 am EDT
Whoever thought PC was dieing is tard :/. Consoles will never be a threat for we are the master race!

Posted April 1, 2011 At 12:59 pm PDT
Heil PC! Long live the master race! Lol

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