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User Review | By FriedZombie | 2 years ago
Silent Hill tries to redeem itself but its still a mixed bag.
Another year, another trip down my favorite hellhole Silent Hill. You start off this time with protagonist Murphy Pendleton an inmate of Ryall State Corrections Facility is being transferred in the ve…
User Review | By GrimOfDoom | 3 years ago
Fallout: New Vegas Review
Fallout new vegas was a fairly good game to go through. But in many times you come upon glitches and bugs that destroy the whole experience of the game, such as you are shooting a radio active ant and…
User Review | By Xenos360 | 3 years ago
Sonic and the Secret Rings Review
Before I start, this was a old review of mine, I made this review Mar 15, 2007 7:13 am MT. So I do plan on making a better review, I was a noob at this time so its a noobish review lol. "there is n…

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Gaming News | 1 week ago | 0 Comments
The Elder Scrolls Online has ALOT of possible character variations to say the least
Bethesda announced that there are 5.0952187*10^58 possible character variations! According to them, there are "so many that we don't have room to show you the full number." The developer did say that the character creation system for The Elder Scrolls Online …
Gaming News | 1 week ago | 0 Comments
Newegg starts gaming news site Gamecrate
After PAX East, Newegg has launched a subsidiary called Gamecrate which focuses solely on gaming news and posts sales for gaming related content such as games for next gen consoles, or computer hardware related to gaming. The site features the common standard…
Gaming News | 1 week ago | 0 Comments
Arma 3 free DLC
The developer of Arma 3, Behemia Interactive, has announced that the Zeus DLC is out now and is free. The Zeus downloadable content adds a new mode. Now, one player assumes the role of the Game Master. They will are able to view the battlefield with a bird&rs…
Gaming News | 1 week ago | 0 Comments
Tropico 5 coming next month
Kalypso Media has announced that their city building sim, Tropico 5, will launch for the PC on May 23 with a physical version coming on May 27. After that, an Xbox 360 and Mac version of the game will come out sometime this summer. Also, the game will come to…
Gaming News | 2 weeks ago | 0 Comments
Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC
Activision has announced that the Devastation DLC will come out for the PS3, PS4, and PC on May 8 for $15 Within the DLC, is four new maps, one new chapter for the Extinction campaign, and the two-in-one Ripper assault rifle/SMG. For those new maps, Beh…
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